Hello world!

So this is WordPress’s default post and its title. Ushering in a new era in the ramblings of this ranting girl. I know it is the enth start in the cyber space by me to shout out to the world (privately!) but somehow, this feels brand new. Maybe it’s just in my head but something about this attempt of mine feels like I’m on the brink of the start of something big. Oh well, or my fatalistic optimism continues in vain.

And thus, here we are. Old domain, new website. Because of course I was busy while my hosting servers were changing management so didn’t check in here long enough to save data from the previous version of the website!!! Sigh. Some times, it almost feels as though I can NEVER learn. But enough with the sob story… at least this way, it’s a clean slate for me to develop on. Given the extra time on my hands these days I am genuinely hoping to be able to do something wonderful with this opportunity now.

Wish me luck, wonderful people (or simply entities) in the Universe! I’ll come back soon to let you know how it goes….


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